Quality Policy

To serve for our customers' requests by producing the precise products having correct properties with the best economic means and to ensure just-in-time deliveries, thus to provide the basis for continuous customer satisfaction. We prescribe to realize the above policy by practising the following activities: 



To continuously increase the quality, efficiency and creativity while attempts to lower the total costs are pursued at the same time. 

To prevent defects within the manufacturing process and other supporting processes. 

To set up close cooperation with our suppliers and thus to provide a basis to help each other. 

To continuously work for improvement to reach for the quality targets.  

To ensure product reliability (safety) and thus to minimize the risks for our customers as well as for our working personnel.  

To endeavour to fulfil our responsibilities towards the surrounding environment as well as the human society; and to manufacture products in accordance with the legal requirements. 

To ensure participation of and to improve competence and capabilities of our working personnel. 

To check for our designated company profit maximisation targets while providing all the above. 


Our Values


    • To believe in heart that, our most precious capital is our human resources.

To keep up with top business ethic codes of practice; as well as to proceed with just and honest rules of behaviour.

To appreciate and to motivate the efficiency, creativity and success. 

To have the determination to use the initiatives. 

To have the courage and determination to take the risks. 

To give importance for team working in business, production and quality management.  

To take up the open communication system seriously. 

To encourage the company wide spirit, company culture and discipline. 

To focus with customer requirements and expectations. 

To produce and to deliver to our customers the products with higher technological properties and higher quality; which will increase the performance and facilitate the practical use, by following the ever developing / increasing demand; in the face of continuously renewed and advanced industries. 





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