Taking its place in metal industry for 50 years, Kablotel is a deep –rooted and leading  company possesing its own  presence.We manufacture high quality  and reliable and durable products by adopting current technology trends.All of our products are manufactured in national /international norms and standarts.From our product line:
  • Highly flexible braided copper connectors
  • Highly flexible  braided copper tapes
  •         Highly flexible round stranded  cables 
  •         Tubular braids for covering and shielding 
  •         Air & Water cooled high  current cables
  •         Bushing metal groups
  •         Copper terminal connectors
  •         Air&Water cooled high current cables
 Kablotel , having a reputation for its customer  services  and the sense of quality and price, is an ISO9001:2008 accredited leading manufacturing company.Our technical know-how about braided  copper products is ultrahigh annd our experience has been relying on many years ago.



Our Mission is ; 

To produce and to deliver to our customers the products with higher technological properties and higher quality; which will increase the performance and facilitate the practical use, by following the ever developing / increasing demand; in the face of continuously renewed and advanced industries





Our Goal is ; 

To care for and better know about our field of production, about our customers, their expectations and needs and thus to maximize their level of satisfaction, through efficient cooperation of all our working personnel. 
It will be to our honour and pride that we achieve this target. 



Telefon : +90 (216) 442 63 11

Fax : +90 (216) 442 63 12



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